The Dying Throes of Donald Trump

If you’ve never seen a man in melt-down mode, on the road to complete and utter failure, then watch what is happening to Donald Trump today. He fired his campaign manger and a wing of his own Republican party have hatched a clever plot to depose him. Democrats are watching this farce unfold as well. With Trump out of the picture, remains the possibility of a new Republican candidate who could beat Clinton. Everyone knows Trump can’t beat Hillary, so in a way the status quo is good for Democrats, even if some don’t want to take the gamble that Trump could actually beat Clinton. Who would the Republicans put forward? Who could be more popular than Trump?  It’s a big risk for Republicans if they put forward someone viewed as weak and boring, compared to Trump. They could nominate Ted Cruz, but that would be like asking Republican voters to accept baloney after they have been eating steak all year. It’s going to hard if not impossible to shake Trump. If he goes it independent, then Hillary has won out the gate. The conservative votes will be split between the two GOP. It seems the Republicans are trapped and Obama will realize his proverbial third term. Politics are a lot more interesting than sports. A lot. -Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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Gun Owners Versus Freaky Republican Gun Fanatics 4892

I am a licensed gun owner who advocates stricter gun control in America. There are millions of people like me. We don’t think Obama wants to take our guns away. Sadly, there are also millions of educated, law-abiding citizens who purposefully fuel the fears of the politically mentally ill, basically putting assault weapons in their hands, virtually holding the trigger of the crazies who listen to their message. This has got to stop, and soon. No one wants to take guns away from responsible people. Guns are not going to disappear when stricter laws are passed. The ridiculous arguments again stricter gun control, being circulated on social media by vindictive Republicans, comparing guns to drugs, is just one example  of their ignorance. They compare meth to guns, pointing out meth is illegal but it’s still available. Yes, it is available, but access to some of the ingredients need to make meth is now difficult to obtain. To purchase a cold medicine that used to be over the counter, you have to show the pharmacist your driver’s license, which they run to make sure you have not exceeded the limit of purchases in a given time. Your purchase is stored in a police database. Regular purchases of this cold medicine will be flagged, and the buyer could be questioned by police. Are there ways around this law? Sure, get someone else to  make the purchase – but even that is limited. Not many people want to go on record purchasing a cold medicine that is used to make meth, when they really don’t have a cold. Does this process slow down the manufacturing of meth? Yes, it likely does. It makes it more difficult. It’s sad that people who really have a cold and need this non-prescribed medicine, have to go through this process, but it works. People do it. As for guns, the process is much easier. Even the killer in Orlando, who had been interviewed by the FBI twice, and who was flagged for trying to buy body armor, was able to buy an assault rife with relative ease. The real question here is what does the average citizen need with an assault rifle?  The National Rifle Association is a non-profit organization based in Virginia, who has over the years acquired simply too much power. It’s long overdue they be slowed down, they be shut down and lose their non-profit status. The Second Amendment protects our right to own guns, but it does not give us a right to purchase over-kill deadly semi and automatic weapons that endangers hundreds of people at one time, in a matter of a few minutes. In cases where these weapons are allowed for purchase, there needs to be much stricter controls. Find out why the individual is making the purchase. Check their social media, get references, speak with family and friends. Oh, check with the FBI to see if the potential purchaser has been questioned as possibly having terrorist connections. -Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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Brexit Brewing-321

Next week voters in Great Britain will make one of the most dramatic decisions of their collective life: whether to remain part of the European Union, or to go it alone again. The battle seems mostly to revolve around the hottest topic in politics worldwide – immigration. In the United States, Donald Trump has surged to become the Republican nominee for president almost on this one platform alone. People are like animals and seek to protect their dens. People are like the proverbial barking dog, growling, protecting it’s food dish. People can’t be changed in this respect, and although many of the “dogs” prefer to cut back on the growling and wag their tails, a large number  Britons want to turn up the bark and chase away the others. One thing does seem clear, the vote to exit or remain is likely to be a close one. It’s not ironic that people are divided almost 50-50. In the United States it’s basically the same – about 50% conservative, 50% liberal. The murder of Labor Party Parliament member Jo Cox is likely to sway a few away from the exit position, in support of memorializing her stance to remain part of the Union. However, the heat is turned up in this vote, as the world witnesses mass immigrant shifts not seen in our lifetime. The wars in the Middle East, the emergence of terrorism unleashed, has caused mass migrations of people who fundamentally have nowhere to go. Even those with open hearts, open minds, have to think at some point how much more can we take?  I can surely understand the desire of a country to break away from a continental union, not because of immigration but due to the financial weakness of some member countries, countries that may not be carrying their weight. Many experts are predicting a world financial crisis if Britain divorces the Union. However, the truth more likely is there will be a lot of severe adjustments to make over several years, but in the end a separate Britain should not destroy the European Union. Life will go on, either way. What remains to be seen is what the losers will do next week, facing the reality their position is lost on the majority. Hopefully cool heads will prevail. To be sure, all eyes of the world will be on this vote next week. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune

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Why President Obama Should Select Next Justice

The U.S. Constitution says the president of the United States should nominate a new justice when a position becomes vacant. The Constitution does not set a time frame, and there is no way the Constitution nor any legal, binding document requires the position not be filled during an election year. It would be an injustice to the American people to purposefully leave the position vacant when there are qualified individuals ready to serve. A call by some Republicans to postpone selection until a new president is elected and takes office in 2017, is misguided, is very wrong. We hope President Obama will make his selection in a timely manner – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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Support for Bernie Sanders Skyrockets, Seems Unstoppable

The real winner in the Iowa Democratic caucus last night was indeed Bernie Sanders, though Hillary Clinton declared victory well before daylight this morning. The Democrats in Iowa, probably not wanting to embarrass her, let her claim the win – even though she and Bernie had 50% of the votes each. Supposedly she won some precincts in a coin toss – one in which she allegedly won six tosses in a row, at an odds of 1 in 64. A few months ago many Democrats, scared of siding with a guy “who was nice but couldn’t really win,” dismissed him and reluctantly stood behind Hillary. Today, the mood has changed. The true believers in Bernie Sanders have catapulted him to levels unheard of for a man who wants to  make college and health care free, and who aims to be the one who brings down corporations who not only do not pay federal income tax, but get multi-million dollar federal income tax “refunds.”  Republicans must privately be squirming. Not only have they had to deal with the possibility that a reality show star might be their chosen one, but their email scandal attacks against Clinton generated about as much interest as an elephant for an ant. Now they have a glimmer of hope, that Ted Cruz might unseat Trump. Today, if I had to call the election I would say Ted Cruz versus Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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Bigger Slime Ball: Trump or Cruz?

by Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune,Mobile,AL – When it comes to extremely disgusting politicians, most Americans would probably agree Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are at the top of the list. But who is the worse dickwhistle between these two Republicans? Which one smells more like the fart of an overfed camel? You might be tempted to say it’s got to be Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner whose mouth sounds like a baby’s shitty diaper looks. Let’s face it, Trump is a psychotic wack case unleashed on a mountain of money and money will, as they have always said, buy anything. It has bought Trump something the greenback has never before purchased for a human: a ticket to say anything and everything, no matter how absurd, sexist, racist, filthy – and not be punished as a result. There is no one in history who has ever gone as far as Trump, and survived. On the other hand, while Ted Cruz also has a dishwater mouth, he is a little more restrained but more politically dangerous than Trump. Don’t forget, Trump is not really a politician – he is playing the role of a politician because it’s the best, real life role money can buy, and it feeds his egotistical hunger for attention and power. Cruz is a politician who has a plan that a large chunk of dying white Americans crave: the redemption of the white person, an elevation to the top social-economic status that is being pulled away by the growing strength and equality of blacks, followed by Latinos and Asians. The white man is a dying breed and he’s scared. Ted Cruz is waiting in the wings to save the white man in America, to stall the gains being made by blacks, to push out the Mexicans and other minorities – not because they are a burden to the economy, but rather their threat of economic elevation is one directed pointedly at the white man. Who knows, in the not so distant future a law could pass making all white people slaves, like the blacks used to be, a game of quid pro quo.  Ted Cruz is probably the more dangerous because he has a political gait to lay out a plan that will push back the rights of women, will further the attempt to intertwine Christianity with the Constitution, to make the United States a fervently religious nation of Christians much like several countries in the Middle East are fervently Muslim. Ted Cruz aims to destroy the foundation of freedom to worship – or not worship – and to put forth a Plan that requires all to worship and to worship as Ted and his followers do. The Canadian born politician is among a growing group who hate the Pope and do not consider Catholicism a worthy religion. Catholics are too liberal, say the Ted Cruz’s of America, therefore they aim to destroy other religions and put their faith as the only faith. Cruz also resents the existence of other countries – including his homeland Canada. He would like nothing more than to close the gates into America and start purging all whose skin is not white. He is waiting in the wings to orchestrate attacks against countries like Iran. He would love to retract all the good done by Obama to open relations with Cuba – Cruz himself is Cuban, but of the ilk type, not the everyday people type. There is no doubt this Teddy is an elitist with an agenda to roll back the accomplishments of Barack Obama. Who is worse, Ted or Donald? Choose your poison, as they both are that, but Cruz is more the devil than Trump. While it’s looking like Trump will be the GOP’s boy, Cruz is right there up his ass, waiting for him to do that unforgivable, if such an animal exists.

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Tiny Penis Behind Trump Billions

“About the size of my finger,” said a woman whose name shall forever remain incognito. “My little finger,” she added. The woman was referring to the appendage between the legs of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. But to hear her tell it, there’s not really an appendage at all, but rather a slim piece of fleshy material, easily missed if one blinks or looks away for a split second.

And look away most probably would, except it’s packing 14 billion dollars and some change. That could make even a teeny weenie attractive. Legend has it that it’s his very tiny penis that has driven him to such dizzying heights of success over the years – this, and the few million his father gave him so he didn’t have to starve while carving his niche in the annals of real estate and reality television.

The small schlong explains a lot, especially the Trump distaste for African Americans and Arabs. A certain jealously permeates his political speeches, accented by what have now become an array famous smirks designed to distract the audience.

You may have heard a new rap song, “Back up on me.” Some are saying this is a song Trump need not ever rap.

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The Dying Throes of Conservatism in America

by Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune, December 27, 2015 – The aching pain of the American conservative is no more evident than in the comical yet malaise-ridden antics of one Donald Trump.

FILE - This May 11, 2011, file photo shows then-possible 2012 presidential hopeful, Republican Donald Trump, waving to a crowd of over 500 people during a luncheon at the Chamber of Commerce in Nashua, N.H. After months of flirting with politics, Trump said Monday, May 16, 2011, that he won't run for president, choosing to stick with hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice" over entering the race for the Republican nomination. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)
(AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

The American Republican movement could now be called a deer facing those headlights, except the Republican is more clever about the eyes and hides their fear with many shades of outrageous rhetoric. To hear them tell it the American Dream is slipping away. Donald Trump says he can make America great again. Isn’t America still pretty great for a fellow like Donald Trump? Is he complaining about his 14 billion dollars? Is that not enough? The greatness of America did start to flounder under the administration of George W. Bush, who ushered in the Great Recession and with a blush and a boyish grin left the mess behind for Barack Obama. In seven years Obama has largely cleaned up the Bush mess, and America slowly pulled itself mostly our of the economic morass. There’s still a long way to go economically, but even the Federal Reserve decided the economy is good enough now to finally raise the bank lending rate, that had lain at a dormant zero for almost a decade. Meanwhile millions of otherwise American as apple pie and baseball citizens fell into the grips of a television network that has done almost as much damage to the economy and politics as Bush: the Fox News network. Today we have Fox News and Donald Trump as the crusaders of American Conservatism, and watching them act out is the number one signal of the final demise of the Republican party. But it’s a complex drowning, and at the center of the quicksand is something almost like the extinction of a species, except the species is the white man and he’s not going away, he’s just being moved over and to the center of the spectrum. After most of the Indians were killed and the white man dominated America, it was a rule that would last a little over 200 years. Barack Obama’s election to the office of president was the true confirmation for the black American that the white man rule was coming to an end. The conservatives have continued even after seven years,  to fight Obama’s presidency, claiming he is really a Muslim who was not born in the United States. The undeniable truth is Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and although he is not one hundred percent of African decent, his Polynesian blood still shines a light on people of color. While there are tens of thousands of people who are mostly just entertained by Donald Trump, who after all is a reality show star, most young Americans – including young white Americans – are standing with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. But if a vote for president were taken today, Hillary Clinton would by far win the race. America has turned into a country who cares about color and who cares about women. People in America want to solve the homeless problem, but about 46 percent of Americans are not in this frame of mind. They are the American Conservatives. They pshaw at the news of a cafeteria school worker giving a poor child a free lunch because he didn’t have any money. These conservatives see this as an abuse of government and will say that child’s parents need to find a way to support their child. However, you will not hear one conservative complain about billions of tax-payer dollars wasted in Iraq. They won’t complain about golden parachutes given to Wall Street companies who gambled billions of dollars in overseas investments and then in the Great Recession lost their money. It was okay, in the eyes of the American Conservative for the federal government to take American tax-payer funds and give it to these gambling firms. Yet help out a few million poor Americans with government funds? No, they won’t stand for it!  But the majority of Americans – Liberals – decried these practices and their shouts were heard.  I can confidently say that in my lifetime there will never be another American Republican president. They are finished, done in that office. Meanwhile, Liberals are working hard to diminish their power in Congress. Although Liberals should not sit back and expect the political machine to run itself, it’s pretty safe to say the election in 2016 will be one that usurps Republican political power in Congress, and installs yet another Democrat as president. These events will surely underscore the retreat of the American Conservative, who will have to shrug and succumb to the new, greater  America. Yeah, they will still whine on social media and of course we all agree it’s their right. Our country was founded on free speech, so they can carry on. They will be posting about Barack Obama long after he has left office and followed the footsteps of two Liberal America heroes: Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Their laments will not even scratch the Liberal movement that has embraced elements of Socialism to counter-weight the ever so heavy hand of a capitalism that started out fairly descent, but ended up like a Donald Trump on human growth hormones. There’s sure to be a resurgence of Ronald Reagan biographies to hit bookstores, as Conservatives will exhale a long and exhausted breath, and dream back on the good old days when they were king.

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The Destruction of ISIS Lies in Syria: Invasion Imminent

All can be certain the eyes of France now lay squarely on the small middle eastern country of Syria. The killers in the Paris attacks all have at least one thing in common: they had spent significant time in Syria. What does that mean?440px-Syria,_administrative_divisions_-_Nmbrs_-_colored.svg Well, it’s pretty simple, even a child could figure it out. These young men traveled to Syria to be trained in terrorists warfare. One must approach Syria two-fold. What must be carried out in Syria should be the concerted effort of several nations. While my approach may sound extremely radical, it is nonetheless the only real action that could chop the head off the beast and leave only entrails of confused soldiers who could later be raked up like leaves in one’s yard.

A major all-out invasion of Syria will be necessary. The discombobulated government of Syria should be seized and immediately the vetting of all Syrians shall begin. This action will halt the refugee spillage into Europe. All Syrians will suffer in this operation, but in the conclusion the good people of Syria will find their way back to the closest to normalcy they have seen in years. They will not have to flee their country because their country will be exterminated of the vermin who are waging war on innocent people.

Syria must be surrounded immediately and no one goes in, no one goes out who is not vetted by the Syria Coalition. Time is of the essence here because the rebels will begin to flee Syria for safer ground. Therefore, coalition nations which should include the United States must act now. You are not securing the borders you are closing the borders and there is no in, no out. This must be clear.

The process of sniffing out ISIS will be long and cumbersome. Coalition soldiers and officials will die, but in the larger picture the enemy will be contained, trapped, confiscated.

All bank transactions will be halted. There will be no bank transfer of funds from accounts in Saudi Arabia to bogus (ISIS) accounts in Syria. Syria will be declared a state of emergency. Food and shelter will be supplied but life will drastically change as many Syrians know it. There is no other way.

As a Democrat, a liberal who voted twice for Barack Obama I call on you now sir to take swift action in this matter. You may initiate this coalition. Call the leaders of France, of Great Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, What are you waiting for? Not for something over here, I hope. Now is the time you act as the President of the United States, as one man, one leader, and dismiss the advice of aides and others who drive you away from direct, immediate action. You are the President – not them.

Iraq, Egypt, Turkey borders must be secured. Escape to Libya must also be stopped. Iran must be cautioned. Syria must be completely surrounded and cut-off from the rest of the region.

I am just an ordinary citizen, a writer with no military experience but if you need me to lay out this plan for you I certainly can. It seems crystal clear what has to be done.

This effort must not transpire like some little war-game or Band-Aid affect. The United States should send at least 100,000 troops over initially, perhaps more in the second phase.  That’s right, that’s what I said – 100,000. This needs to happen now. Other coalition countries must also put swells of troops on the ground in Syria. There should be a half a million coalition troops in Syria by the end of December.

This ISIS enemy must be trapped and stopped. The only way to do this is with an unimaginable response in numbers. Yes, the lives of millions of law-abiding citizens in the Middle East will be drastically disrupted. It is the price that must be waged to stop this killing, to keep these animals from doing what they have continuously promised: to spill lots of blood in all the nations they hate.

I also want to hear Hillary Clinton speak out on this crisis. Bernie Sanders: what would you do? It is unacceptable for world leaders to sit paralyzed, waiting for the other to do something, waiting for France to go at this alone. Now is the time for action – now, not next month or early next year. This problem is only growing stronger. It is not going to be contained with the simple measures being used now.

Invade Syria. Surround this hotbed of ISIS. No in, no out – no one. Prevent escape to the surrounding countries. Get Turkey and Egypt on board and serve notice to Iran. Stop money flow from Saudi Arabia. Fill the streets of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan with coalition troops. Dig in. Find them. Kill them or put them away for life.. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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Matthew William Mount, Mobile, Alabama

Matthew William Mount, a resident of Mobile, Alabama,born in Ellwood City, PA on September 20, 1985, died in Mobile on October 10, 2015.matthew_mount He was well-known by many in downtown Mobile, especially the non-profit community who reached out to Matt along the way. He should be remembered for his gentle, kind heart no matter what the situation. For him, love and respect came first. Matt was preceded in death by his mother Donna and father Charles. He is survived by his brother Jimmy ,sister Jamie and nieces Carol Anne and Callie Smith. Matt had many friends, including Kristy, Jared, Chris, Bryant, Big Dave, Keenan, Jayson, Simon and Preston Brady III. He leaves behind his beloved dog Asia. A celebration of Matt’s life will be arranged by his family. Matt’s memory would be greatly honored by a kind gesture to those in need these coming holidays


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