My Leftist Agenda, Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune – -As we monitor the news for an end to the chaos in France, one has to wonder what next week will bring, when the cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes an unprecedented one million copies of it’s next issue.preston_brady While we can expect considerable tributes to those executed in the Paris attack, we wonder the obvious: what sort of cartoons will be featured in this issue? Certainly we can expect that in defiance of the terrorists this issue will include cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, probably penned by the men who were gunned down this week. Although by this time the two brothers on the run will have been captured or killed and ¬†France will settle back into the normal routine, the question really is will this routine once again be disrupted?

In America, we have our own routine. We go to work, walk the dogs, go shopping, catch up with Facebook friends, watch television, attend concerts, go to the movies, eat out at restaurants, make the annual sojourn to Disneyland, watch football and lay around the house. This is a routine we take for granted and for it to be usurped by world troubles is the last thing on our minds. Civil unrest on a large scale can’t happen in America. Why? Because this is America and those things do not happen here. Sure, there are some spotty demonstrations against police here and there but yawn, stretch, turn the channel we aren’t much disturbed by those protesters.

Can you imagine a civil war, in America and Europe between Muslims and Christians? Probably not. Such an event would likely start in Europe. It would take a massive killing of Christians, perhaps in a church, to set off the retaliation against Muslims. It won’t matter if the Muslims targeted had nothing to do with the act of terrorism, revenge is blind. In America it would start with the bombing of a few mosques in major cities and then spread across the country. The flames of cities would flicker in the night, burning churches, burning mosques and the charred skeletons of businesses because they seem to be always hit and looted when unrest prevails. We would expect these riots and killings to subside and for things to slowly move back to normal. But what if they don’t? What if the minority radical Christians are bent on complete and total revenge, and the Muslim response is to fight back in equal force? ¬†Cities shut down. Roadblocks become a daily routine. The scent of burning wood and plastic become the new aroma of our landscape.Schools are shuttered, Internet access becomes spotty. Meanwhile, Europe is burning and so are parts of Asia and Africa. The unrest even makes it to the land down under. No place is untouched as the battle between two major religions rages on.

Can this happen in America? No, because things like that don’t happen in America. It’s America…