My Leftist Agenda, Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune — -The Huffington Post is making a big deal about Barack Obama not being part of the front line brigade in the historic Paris march for unity, following the attack on cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo. It would have been logical for Secretary of State John Kerry to be there, but the problem is Kerry is across the world in India.

Although it is very tragic 14 people lost their lives to terrorists last week, none were heads of state. This was an attack on a magazine and subsequent hostage situation in a store. Following the attack the word came out, “Sleeper cells activated.” I mean seriously, do we want our president to fly over to France and risk attack by a sleeper cell, to join a crowd of over 1 million people in Paris alone ( almost 4 million country-wide, making it the largest demonstration in French history.)

No. I think for whatever reason, the correct decision was made. There was simply too much of a risk for the President of the United states to be exposed in that situation. That’s great several European leaders were present – it’s their turf, and their risk. A crowd of that size, seized upon by some small attack, could get out of control and then you have 1 million people in a stampede. All went well though and that’s great. America sent a representative to the event, and although it was not one of our high officers, the gesture was there, and the president has ¬†been in constant touch with the leadership in France, to assist in any way American can.

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