Republicans are taking a second shot any time now at passing a bill that was already defeated last week. The bill would allow banks to gamble money on overseas investments and if they lose the money is to be reimbursed by the American taxpayer. Obama has of course promised to veto this bill if it passes. You may recall the government bailed out large Wall Street firms during the Great Recession, to the tune of billions of dollars. I found this expression on a news web site, in a comment, and it rings so true: “Republicans love socialism: they privatize the profits while socializing the loses.”

They point the finger at welfare fraud and abuse and then stick it to all people on welfare, punishing good people along with the bad. This includes little school children who depend on a hot meal they may not even get at home.

The real money is flying out the window on risky, bad overseas investments that can blow up in their faces at any moment with the volatility of markets in China and some parts of Europe. Obama has a lot of work to do these last two years. He will deserve a long, Hawaiian vacation when this is over. – Preston Brady III< Mobile Tribune.

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