My Leftist Agenda by Preston Brady III – – The art of politics has in recent years transformed into the science of politics. Art has to be good, true and beautiful before it qualifies as such, and we all now know those qualities do not particularly apply to the political election processPreston_Brady_III.While many were surprised when Mitt Romney put a big set of feelers out there to test the waters of perhaps another run at the oval office, it was more likely a strategy that involved the Republican National Committee as well. We’re pretty sure Mr.Romney’s not going to have the support for another swing at bat,they probably thought, but let’s use this as a litmus test. It was a lot better than robo-calling registered Republican voters. Maybe they were looking for support from some Democrats as well because Romney’s platform started out with, of all things,concern for the poor. It would be like if Mrs. Clinton said one of the first things she was going to do once in office, was to pass an executive order to protect the top 1% of the wealthy from envious predators whose main purpose is to rob these people of their hard earned money.

Mr. Romney made it official today, he’s not running.

Money is certainly a factor in the possible Hillary Clinton campaign. She may not announce intent to run until July of this year. The Democratic thinking is she doesn’t have to officially start her campaign right now. There is not a single Democrat out there who comes even remotely close to her in public support. Why spend money now when you don’t need to? Basically her campaign has already started and by the time she officially announces, she will have the momentum of the polls behind her. Saturday Night Live may have to do a skit of the Democratic Presidential Debate with two Hillary Clinton’s – her debating herself, because there may not be anyone else to debate her. Elizabeth Warren, though, is someone who could cast a shadow on the Hillary Clinton solo show. Ms. Warren hasn’t been a big news maker these past several weeks, and it could be she is too liberal for an America that is almost equally divided into red and blue. I would be impressed if she ran, and with the current political climate in Europe – most recently Greece – the tide could, like severe weather, turn towards a markedly more liberal arena in the United States. Butting up against this trend in Europe I should mention France, of all countries, has a leading contender on the political right who could conceivably win the next presidential election there. Perhaps the Hebdo incident could be fueling a more conservative side in the French, to tighten the borders and protect the homeland. Still, it’s difficult to think of a right-wing France, one of the world bastions of free expression and liberalism.

And, still, it’s difficult to think that Elizabeth Warren, a true liberal, could get past every single Republican in the country who will be strongly against her, and an unfortunately unruly bunch of Republicans who call themselves Democrats yes, we have those. For example, Cedric Richmond (D-LA), a black Democrat who has the back of Republican Steve Scalise, the guy who didn’t know he was speaking at a modernized KKK rally, who voted twice against MLK’s birthday as a federal holiday, and voted against the federal hate crime bill. Richmond says Scalise doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body. David Duke, former KKK Imperial Wizard on the other hand, says he may just take Scalise’s job. Duke don’t mess around.

Hillary Clinton must also be thinking about the long campaign trail that stands before her. Afterall, she’s been to this rodeo with her husband, and for those who aren’t aware, political campaigning is a whole lot of hard work. There has also seemed to be a push for the 2016 campaigning to actually start now – a full two years before the next president will be sworn into office. It’s almost like Christmas starting in July, which it practically does now. One day it may start and never end.

Both sides are being cautioned by political experts to be careful, this may easily end up not being a Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush election. A blogger over at the Washington Post actually thinks Rand Paul has the best chance for the nomination out of ten other contenders that include Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and even Bobby Jindal. I don’t think Republican voters have enough faith in Rand Paul, but he could be the dark horse who steps up to the finish line. The problem all these men have is going up against the Bush brand. The problem they do not have is the level of sophistication coming from Jeb Bush,which is not on par with his predecessors in the White House. George W. Bush was always very polished and had that air of worldliness you just do not see in Jeb Bush. This is important of course because U.S.presidents are after all expected to exude a certain sense of confidence in this area. This is something Rand Paul does have over Jeb Bush, and he also has a great deal of fresh experience about how a presidential campaign is supposed to be run.

In my book Jeb Bush is still a questions mark for the Republican nomination. His team made a big deal about his cutting ties with all profit and non-profits with whom he was connected financially. This is where I have some doubts about him. He exited the political arena a man excited about making a lot of money, and there were no shortage of opportunities.When you are Jeb Bush and you just left political office, your name is like Fort Knox gold. The invitations to invest must have  poured in unrelentingly. Bush apparently had someone who checked on these companies for him but they missed one, Innovida, whose chairman had a history of bad financial dealings at helm at another company. Wesley Clark was also invited to become a partner but he had his lawyer check it out and the lawyer found the bad history so Clark said no. Too many surprises like this can cloud the image of someone who wants to be the next president of the United States. You’d be a lot better off just not having a birth certificate.  If Jeb Bush can pass muster in this regard he might have a chance of the nomination. Which brings me to the rather depressing point of this entire blog. Are we Americans really faced with the possibility of either another Bush as president or another Clinton? It does not bode well for the idea of change in our country. Are we spinning in political circles, hopelessly tethered to the chain of no real change? For all we know Chelsea Clinton could run in 2020 and win. But I doubt it because I have already predicted Michael Moore will be elected in 2020. Maybe Chelsea can be his running mate.

Preston Brady III is editor and publisher of Mobile Tribune. He can be contacted at gulfshores(at)