Okay, I read my headline again and it’s definitely not something I would have written, say, ten years ago. Today though, it’s a valid, serious question.Preston_Brady_III Yes, sadly it’s possible one day a group of humans, in their efforts to geoengineer climate, could actually set it off like a nuclear bomb. Geoengineering is a multi-billion dollar industry yet it is still struggling – very hard – to get off the ground and deeper into the skies above our planet. There are thousands of companies starting up climate control businesses, and if it helps to give you an idea how real this is, Bill Gates is one of the most interested in this industry. He has invested at least 4 million dollars and counting in one company in which he serves as President – Carbon Engineering. Okay, so you don’t have all day to read and become an expert on this subject and it’s hard enough to understand as it is, so what’s the skinny on this geoengineering and will it work and how could it go very badly wrong? Simply put, there’s a lot of CO2 – carbon dioxide flowing around in the air and atmosphere, and a lot of experts think they have the next best thing since sliced bread to sequester or harness some of this CO2. Initially, a few years back the thinking was to use machines to capture this CO2 and then store it underground. We’ve heard this before with nuclear waste, except underground storage of CO2 would be a much larger endeavor. Critics say it’s not practical and some say it could be dangerous. Some start-ups have moved away from the storage idea ( though not all of them) and are working on ways to channel the CO2 back into nature or as an energy source. I have looked at some photos of working models and diagrams of how some of these processes would work.There’s nothing to my knowledge that is in full working order enough for major manufacturing to begin. Some geoengineers are working on ideas to block or minimize sun exposure, to in effect block out the sun. They call this blocking out solar radiation.  Okay, this sounds scary and hopefully they won’t pick days to do this while I am at the beach. In this scenario they are trying to control the temperature of the planet. There’s a rumor the earth is getting warmer. In fact, the earth is getting warmer. While start-ups looking for millions of dollars in investments are going to shy away from terms such as climate change and most certainly global warming, their actions – their projects clearly appear to address this very concern. How strange is that? It’s like standing over a huge water reservoir that is half empty, but never once saying the reservoir needs more water yet doing everything you can to get water in that damn reservoir. It gets way more complicated, this geoengineering, with ideas and possible projects to control actual weather events, to create weather and make weather go away. Naturally there is some small fear of this type of geoengineering being used in warfare. You want to get the enemy out of a certain geographic location? Create a drought in that area. You want to bombard them by surprise and have them in the least comfortable environment? Create a torrential thunderstorm ( cloud seeding) and mount your attack. Bill Gates has even invested in technology that could, basically putting it, suck the energy out of a hurricane before it strikes land. I can tell you this technology is many years away from any true realization. One of the big problems I see is the unpredictability of weather. Where’s the hurricane going to hit? No, it changed course – unexpectedly of all things. That blizzard last week that cleared the store shelves from New York to Rhode Island? It fizzled out, although parts of new England did, as predicted, get hit hard. While we are sequestering CO2 and blocking the sun, are we going to further develop less harmful types of energy so we don’t have to do this for a thousand years? The question of chem trails also becomes more realistic as we examine geoengineering. In the process of blocking the sun they spray aerosols into the atmosphere . Is this already taking place right under our very eyes?  I sometimes wonder when I see a plane flying way too high to be adjusting for a travel flight pattern, spreading a white fluffy trail that looks more like chemical clouds than fuel condensation. I think by now I know the difference between condensation and chemical trails. What is interesting is they do it in broad daylight on a bright clear day. No one is trying to hide it yet hardly anyone pays attention to it. However, the official word is it’s not chem trails – in fact those are something Al Gore followers made up. So, I won’t argue about it but look for yourself. Where is the plane coming from and where does it appear to be going? You know where your airports are. Passenger planes accelerate a few thousand feet, pull up the landing gear and set a bee line for their first stop. Other planes seem to accelerate but not level off. It’s like they are just flying over the entire area, leaving a trail of white puffy something behind them. Geoengineering may not be the answer to climate control at all, and in fact could make things worse. If you look at it like grandma and grandpa they might say just everybody stop polluting so much and the planet will, as it always has, take care of itself. Are we playing God to manipulate the weather and the geophysics of earth? Some will say yes. We may have already gone too far in overdosing earth with CO2 – it stays around for thousands of years, which is another reason why all these companies believe there’s a market for CO2 processing. Their idea is to extract as much as they can out of our air and atmosphere and utilize or recycle it. Again, a few want to store it – not sure about that logic. As for spraying aerosols and blocking the sun, I am not very sold on this process and this brings me back to the headline, “Could Humans One Day Blow Up the Climate?” One can imagine a major climate related process going very wrong, followed by a tremendous explosion and perhaps an unimaginable release of captured CO2 back into the atmosphere. Suddenly the aerosol blocking the sun stops working and the average daily temperature for each day that summer is 110 (F). Which reminds me, I think winter is the best time of year to stock up on portable air-conditioners, in case they are needed. There is plenty more to write on this subject, one I will surely revisit. -Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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