Of all people to be showing the entire ISIS produced video – the portion ISIS released – of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage, it was Fox News who chose to show the footage online in entirety. I don’t watch Fox News but they are the only media outlet I easily found with the video on their web site today. YouTube removed the video earlier this week, but of course it will probably find its way back if it hasn’t already. I won’t provide the link for a number of reasons, so if you choose to see the video you can use Google – it’s easy to find. It’s a 22 minute video prepared in entirety by ISIS. Warning: Some people will find the video towards the end too disturbing and therefore should not watch it. The entire video is propaganda, including “reporting” by the Jordanian pilot was apparently forced to expound on the history leading up to this moment, sitting at a desk as if he were a news anchor. The ISIS “creative team” interspersed the footage with graphics taken from other incidents, aerial videos, photos. All dialogue is in Arabic, but with the graphics you get an idea of what is being conveyed. This video is clearly an attempt at a professional news media type presentation about the conflict between ISIS, other countries in the region, and allies of those countries. Leading up to the actual footage of the burning are a few very graphic photos of other bodies, some burned in plane crashes and perhaps other methods. There appears to be footage of extracting the Jordanian pilot from the plane crash site at which he was taken prisoner. The cage burning is only about three minutes of the video, at the end. There are some unusual, almost unrealistic aspects to the film. For example, there is footage that shows the Jordanian pilot in orange clothing approaching the area, walking freely without escort, where he will be killed. It’s not clear if the cage is already in place – it can’t be seen at this point. Oddly, the pilot surveys his surroundings in what I would consider an unrealistic manner for someone who is about to be killed – regardless of the manner of death. He looks up and around, sees the many dozens of masked ISIS soldiers in camo, with machine guns on their shoulders or hands. He is very calm. It should be noted this is not a video that shows the execution from start to finish. The footage cuts out and picks back up several times, and this sort of filming can make one suspicious of what exactly is occurring. There is no footage of the pilot being placed inside the cage, but there are flash photos of someone in the cage, hands on bars. Before the actual execution the pilot is shown looking up and down in the cage as if in prayer. They do not show the fuel being laid on the ground. A dramatic moment is when the fuel is lit with a large stick with clothe material on the end. A soldier dramatically lights the end of the stick and touches it to the fuel a few feet in front of him. The footage shows the small column of flames traveling to the cage – about 40 yards away – and then the pilot catching on fire from the feet up. It appears he catches on fire quickly. He remains standing for some time and it sounds like his screams in the footage as his whole body is engulfed in flames. He remains standing for about 30 or 45 seconds, fully on fire, and then falls backward but appears to raise up in a kneeling position. At some point he appears to die but the footage cuts out and quickly shows a bull-dozier dropping large chunks of concrete over the cage and then flattening the cage. Then it shows a charred hand sticking out from the rubble There’s melodic music and singing, as if one were in a mosque.. What is very clear is there is plenty more video that was not included in this propaganda piece. Could one say with absolute certainty the Jordanian pilot was the man in the cage who caught on fire? No. There were too many cuts in footage. One did not view the execution in completion from start to finish.When there are cuts in video footage at dramatic intervals one cannot say what has occurred after that point. I have doubts about the complete authenticity of this video.  If the family receives dental records that would provide certainty. There’s no blood and gore in this video, the most dramatic and disturbing part is the man’s body engulfed in flames, him moving around in the cage burning alive. This imagery will be very disturbing to many people and therefore they probably should not watch it. In related news it appears there is a real possibility Jordan will respond against ISIS militarily that could escalate this conflict to unpredictable levels.- Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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