Today the state of Alabama became the 37th state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage. A request by Alabama State Attorney General Luther Strange to the U.S. Supreme Court, to halt the marriages, was denied.Preston_Brady_III

Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore – who has almost like George Wallace did for black civil rights – put an even brighter light on gay rights and freedom – threatened probate judges with a scolding letter from ¬†Alabama’s governor if they issue the marriage licenses.

Such a letter would hold about as much weight as a hummingbird on an elephant.

George Wallace started out by blocking the entrance to a university, but ended up putting Selma, Alabama on the international map and helping to show injustice against blacks in America.

Sometimes it’s the ones who holler the loudest against, who end up the cheerleaders for.

“During his final years, Wallace recanted his racist views and asked for forgiveness from African Americans.” (Wikipedia)

There have been small pockets of protests against gay marriage in the state today, as well as demonstrations of support. Gay marriages are proceeding in Alabama, with delays in some counties for various reasons.- Preston Brady III,  Mobile Tribune.

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