Mobile,Ala. -In an embarrassing moment in history for Mobile,Alabama, the state probate judge in this city, Don Davis has closed office on marriage in the city, refusing to comply with a state law that went in to effect yesterday legalizing gay marriages in this state. No one could get married, gay or straight. ¬†A couple who were part of a federal lawsuit that resulted in legalizing gay marriage in this state, waited for a second day in front of shuttered windows in the marriage license division in Mobile. The federal judge will review the case again on Thursday and could order judges such as Don Davis to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.Some probate judges are conflicted due to warnings from Roy Moore not to issue the licenses and others are refusing on religious grounds. Several probate judges across the state who did not comply yesterday, are now complying. These judges most likely refrained¬†due to Roy Moore, and now that it’s clear Mr. Moore has no legal weight in the matter. The governor also distanced himself from Moore and told probate judges his office would not interfere with their job. Mobile, Alabama is the second largest city in the state, and recently elected a new mayor who has been working hard to improve the image of Mobile, to make it safer, attract more business here and to put the city back in a profit making status after several years of stagnation under a previous mayor who had the misfortune of the Great Recession during his watch. Based on how one man, Don Davis, can in effect put a hold on the U.S. Constitution and cause unwarranted delays in due process of state law, there should be other state officials who can issue marriage licenses, and allow Mr. Davis to abstain as he wishes. However, it’s possible he personally faces his own lawsuits from couples he denied due process, and possibly discrimination, under state and federal law. -Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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