It’s still a full year and a half away from the next U.S. Presidential election and already the initial political dust is settling and the top contender for each side emerges. Although he was one of the last ones to announce his intent to run, Marco Rubio came out the gate with a charge lacking in all the other conservatives combined. Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropLet there be no mistake, there are really only two sides in America: Democrat and Republican. The Cruzs and Rands make their annual appearances and rustle up a little interest in their eclectic wantings, but they are mere fodder for the political gamet, pawns if you will who serve to spice up the exciting game of politics in America. No, it’s already a Clinton-Rubio race and this contest will do all sorts of things like split Hispanics and women, and cause a surge of prideful Cubaism emininating from Florida and spreading across the country. There will be many who argue it may be time for a woman president, but it’s also time for a Latino. The days of white male presidents appears to be over for at least awhile, probably for most our our lifetime. Interestingly, instead of bowing out early on and donating the conservative charge to Rubio, Jeb Bush will allow his crack campaign team to dig into Rubio and attempt to distance him from this apparent early lead. On her side Hillary Clinton has no worries- there is not even remotely anyone who comes close to her commanding lead over the Democrats. The wildcard of course is Elizabeth Warren, who has steadfastly said she is not running. If she ran she would without question, with not an iota of doubt be the next president of the United States. It will be one of the closest races in history but Hillary Clinton will triumph, and pick up the reins from Barack Obama. Too bad everyone can’t see this and agree to save money, time, energy and accept what must be. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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