I know, many of you aren’t seeing it yet, and that’s what I’m here for, to see around the curve for you, into early next year when Bernie Sanders will by then have gained a momentum surprising even complacent Democrats content to settle for Hillary Clinton. bernie_sandersThew thing is, I am not settling for second best. I was behind Hillary – if I thought she was our best chance against Jeb Bush, but then Jeb Bush is no longer a threat. As strange as it looks even to me typing it this very second, Donald Trump is now the threat. I shiver – seriously I mean shiver to think this man could for a second assume the role of world leader. Forget his evil smile – this guy has clinical narcissism and if there was a button only the president could push to fire off a nuclear weapon, Trump would truly be the one to do it. But there are a scary number of Americans who forgot the repercussions of the Great Recession were predicted to last for many years, and they need someone to blame for employment woes so who better than the Mexicans? I’m still waiting to meet a single individual who will say to me, “I would have got the job but they hired an illegal Mexican instead.”

Bernie Sanders is the only Democrat running who can save Social Security from the greedy among Republicans who want to privatize it or make it so you can’t collect benefits until you are dead. He’s the only one who will raise the minimum wage to $15.00. He’s the only one who will finally put a stop to the lobby-controlled Senate and House of Representatives. Obama, who has done a great job, stopped short of doing all he was supposed to do. He was no match for multi-national corporations calling most of the political shots. Sanders though, will take these companies down. Hillary Clinton will not stop them – she is accepting campaign contributions from anyone and everyone. Bernie Sanders is supported by individuals, people like me and hopefully like you. He will also bring home that climate change is not some made up fairy tale – it’s real and it’s – we – are harming our planet

The lopsided power of Wall Street will also come to closure under the Sanders administration. Big, fake,  virtual  money has controlled America for decades and the price we are paying is the complete balance of economic equality being shifted away from the middle class, to the upper class. Are you content with 25% of your weekly paycheck going to taxes? Huge corporations do not have this problem because they do not have to pay taxes like workers do.

Even Bernie Sanders will have a tough time breaking the shell of those who control this country. We can see though, he has the U.S. Supreme Court behind him, and Obama has, to his credit done a good job of limiting powers of individual states Most states of the union are criminally irresponsible and should not be allowed to dictate to U.S citizens laws and rights protected under the U. S. Constitution. Hopefully, Sanders will reel in state powers to some extent and allow the federal government to call the shots. There is a major area that will need repair: the federal  laws against marijuana. These laws will have to be rebuked and cancelled out by federal decriminalization of marijuana, ending a nightmare of laws and imprisonment affecting millions of Americans over the past 70 years.

While the major media outlets are trying their best to limit exposure to the Sander’s campaign, in the end the people will win over media.  Self-proclaimed political analysts are also predicting Sanders won’t make it past university town popularity. We will see how this pattern, like the weather, shifts when Republicans are finally confronted with the reality their party is, for this election ruined by Donald Trump. You know, maybe that kook is playing, pretending like he wants to be the Republican nominee but is really planting himself as a spoiler so a Democrat can win. If so, thanks Donald and sorry about calling you a narcissist – I was just kidding. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.


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