Donald Trump is speaking at a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama tonight where organizers predict the largest crowd in the early presidential race so far. Perhaps as many as 40,000 will attend the free event, but that number is far from certain.Trump’s appeal is now being attributed to an awakening of America’s silent majority, an enormous number of whites who feel threatened by immigration of Spanish and Asians into the country. These whites, with Trump as their leader, plan to construct a brick wall around the country, to keep others out. The white conservatives also have plans to cut off government assistance to elderly and poor blacks, they view as dragging down the economy. The aftermath of the recent recession, has left behind a political bitterness in a dwindling white middle-class, disappearing as the American economy divides into the wealthy versus the poor. Donald Trump serves as a symbol of hope for these white people. – Preston Brady III , Mobile Tribune.

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