Hillary Clinton has made an outstanding bid to become the first woman president in America, but the time has come for the trainers in the Democratic party to rein her in, pat her back and give her some extra oats for a race well done.Joe_Biden,_official_photo_portrait_2-cropped

It’s time, now, to put forward the best team for the party, and hopefully within the next few weeks Jill Biden will give her blessing to Joe and his announcement will give Donald Trump something to whine about. Since Trump has unleashed the inner racist, the inner anti-poor in millions of white Americans – slinging insults they love and that would cause others to be cast into the lower levels of purgatory – he will have to turn his horns on Biden. We can fully expect he won’t hold back. Even the deceased son of the Biden’s will not be off limits for Trump. He will probably blame the death of Bo Biden on Obamacare.

The real Democratic hope is that Biden will announce, will immediately gain the support he needs and easily catapult to the top. Should he obtain the nomination there is no doubt the best choice for his running partner is Bernie Sanders. A Biden-Bernie ticket, would be impossible to beat. This is based on the assumption that only 49 percent of voting white Americans are secretly racists. The other 51 percent of white, non-racists will support Biden. Most blacks and all Hispanics will support Biden. A few Uncle Tom blacks will continue to support Trump.

I don’t think we have to worry about a single Asian American voting for Trump, do we? If you need a calculator, pause from this article and do the math. 51% whites voting Biden-Bernie. 90% blacks voting Biden-Bernie. 100% Hispanics voting Biden-Bernie. 100% Asians for Biden-Bernie. Almost all Arabic and other minorities will vote for the non-racist, for the man who is for the working guy and gal, who does not think every family on welfare is cheating the system.Bernie_sanders_2

In fact, Biden and Bernie should increase welfare benefits to American families and individuals who are in the majority of workers in this country today: seasonal, or contracted. When a person is let go from their job it should take one phone call, one web site form to start their benefits coming in. There is a lot of work left that Obama will not be able to complete before his monumental, historic 8 year service to America comes to an end officially that is, as president. Obama has made it clear he’s not stopping after leaving the White House, and free of some of the formal constraints of being a politician, he will most likely continue to do amazing things not just for America but for the world. Jimmy Carter dedicated much of his post-presidential live to building homes for the needy. That’s what Democrats do: help the poor and needy.

Yes, it’s been a long 8 years for the closet, white racists, having to put up with an actual nigger as the holding the highest office in the United States. They hate him with a vengeance that is almost unbridled. On Facebook, the only thing that holds most of them back from spewing even more graphic hatred, is the fact they have to use their real identity to post on that social network. They scream he has been the most awful president ever, but cannot name one thing badly he has done. They have long made me yawn with their rhetoric, and here we are almost at the end of Obama’s presidency and all they have to show is a despicable billionaire whose horse and pony show is to unleash the inner racist and inner hate of the poor in middle and upper-class white Americans.

I assure you that type of man will never lead America. We are fortunate the numbers are in our favor – not by a landslide but enough to boot-scoot us into 8 more years running this country.

Before Scott Walker gets that wall going on the Canadian border, better give some conservatives a chance to consider their options. It might be that our neighbor to the north will be a more hospitable environment for those who cannot tolerate the idea of another 8 years of ¬†American Democratic rule. It’s cold there, but that should not bother much those with cold hearts.

Yes, it’s time for Hillary to end her campaign. Biden needs to announce by the middle of September. Then stand back and watch the numbers roar. Make no mistake, the work of a Democrat will be far from done. The move to assure voting rights are honored must be addressed now. Issues of gerrymandering in the Deep South need attention. Getting the poor and elderly to voting precincts needs to be planned now, and ready for voting day. Every vote counts. Hashtag BidenBernie needs to get started now. #BidenBernie. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.


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