I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of applauding Donald Trump,a man I have viciously, verbally attacked in blogs and social media posts, mainly for his stance on immigration. I also believe he doesn’t think women are truly equal to men – but you probably won’t hear him say that. But, he does have a good understanding of law, and even he knows once the U.S. Supreme Court says it’s so, it’s so. Trump was recently asked to comment on the Kentucky marriage clerk debacle and he said he’s sorry the woman had to go to jail, but she had alternatives, could have directed other clerks to issue the licenses. I think the woman was grandstanding, and in a sad way using her religion to gain attention for herself. God is not going to strike her down for marrying two people of the same sex. She’s not going to be denied access to heaven because she issued a permit to a couple. If I notarize a document presented by someone I know is gaining power of attorney over their wealthy relative in order to milk their fortune, I’m not going to hell for that. What that person does with that document is not my business. A marriage license is only the beginning of marriage – there’s a lot more to it than just a piece of paper. A clerk who issues such a license has done nothing more than a legal function. They have carried out the law of the land in their role as a public employee. The fact they personally disagree with it, or have religious beliefs that go against the grain of the law, is irrelevant to the job. Now we have a Muslim airline stewardess refusing to serve alcohol because it’s against her religion.Let’s see how many good Christians stand behind her belief. Probably zero. I have a message for all who work with the public: if you can’t do your job, find a job that does not require you to serve the public. Build furniture, sew clothing, and let someone else sell it for you. Go live in the wilderness or, you should know there are a large number of caves in places like Arkansas. Find one, dig in and be happy. As for Donald Trump, it pains me to say it but he does appear to be the smartest of the grand old party bunch running for president. It seems clear the Republicans have chosen their horse. We will have to wait a bit longer to see who the Democrat is going to be. Will Biden run? Probably not. Will Clinton get bogged down in email servers and Benghazi? Probably not. I keep having this feeling about Bernie Sanders. I know it sounds crazy to even a lot of Democrats, but he may be the dark horse, the surprise pony in this race. It would be a historic race, that between a staunch 10 billionaire capitalist and a gutsy, union-loving semi-socialist. America seems to be “going European,” and by that I mean hippie is coming back. The flower children of San Francisco recently had a monumental reunion. People are tired of Debt Ceiling Street, the evil brothers Koch, the one percenters and their attitude, the lies of Fox News, and climate change deniers.The times they are a changing. Donald v. Bernie, coming to a voting booth near you soon.- Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune.

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