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October 24, 2014

Interview with The Belle Brigade

I had the opportunity to chat on the phone with The Belle Brigade this afternoon, who are currently on tour with Ray Lamontagne. They are playing in Phoenix tonight and after a show at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans this coming Monday, will arrive at the Saenger Theater in Mobile on Tuesday, October 28th. The Belle Brigade are Barbara and Ethan Gruska, brother and sister from the Los Angeles area, and they are promoting their second album, Just Because, which has them breaking away from their first label and teaming up with ATO Records, home to a cool roster …continue reading

Ray Lamontagne, The Belle Brigade in Mobile, AL Oct. 28, 2014

The Saenger Theater has really been stepping it up since Huka Entertainment began bringing in shows, and their reach is widespread and really on spot with upcoming visit by Ray Lamontagne and special guest The Belle Brigade. It’s difficult for me to imagine anyone not liking Ray Lamontagne, even if your preferred music medicine is hard rock or rap. It’s unlikely we will ever see Mr. Lamontagne rap ,( perish the thought) but his latest work, Supernova has a way of soothing the mind, pulling you into his world, which is pretty solid and grounded, and mellow. Becoming headliners in …continue reading

EBOLA-STERIA, Or Maybe the New World Order Kooks Are Right After All?

No one is more skeptical than me when it comes to the theories of those who claim a new world order is in progress. One of their beliefs is that part of the new plan is to eliminate a large number of people through a sort of human culling. A ravaging disease would be the choice method and now, following the news of the small but significant Ebola outbreak in the United States, one has to stop and wonder: is there something at the foundation of this outbreak that is purposeful and diabolical? The reason I even consider this question …continue reading

Is Ebola a threat to the U.S.?

The United States has its first known case of Ebola being transmitted from one person to another. A nurseĀ in Dallas has tested positive from the virus after she developed a low-grade fever -one of the first symptoms of the disease. It is believed she caught the virus from Thomas Eric Duncan, who traveled back to the U.S. from Africa and died last week. The infected nurse was wearing protective clothing while in contact with Mr.Duncan, although it’s not clear if she wore the protective clothing in all instances of contact with the patient. Americans are being told Ebola is very …continue reading

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