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November 28, 2014

King Obama causes earthquake in District of Columbia

No dishes came off shelves, but the seismic activity of American President Barack Obama rippled through troubled American politics after he proposed to deport felonious illegal immigrants and allow law-abiding immigrants amnesty.His proposal to give legal status to almost 5 million undocumented immigrants has set the stage for what is certain to be a hell of a fight with Republicans. The irony that America started as a country of undocumented immigrants 238 years ago, has been lost on most who are focused on this battle, as well as the threat to roll back the Affordable Care Act. The biggest beef …continue reading

Amnesty on table for 5 million in United States

President Obama will deliver a speech tonight on immigration measures he plans to implement from the executive level, without coordination with the legislative branch of government, and the speech will not be carried by ABC, NBC or CBS. Most cable stations will air the speech. Such is the new world of politics we live in the U.S. A listen to several talk radio stations and of course Facebook reveals conservatives are in an uproar over Obama’s expected proposals, which include a sort of amnesty for some immigrants here illegally. The president is expected to grant status to children born here …continue reading

Interview with The Belle Brigade

I had the opportunity to chat on the phone with The Belle Brigade this afternoon, who are currently on tour with Ray Lamontagne. They are playing in Phoenix tonight and after a show at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans this coming Monday, will arrive at the Saenger Theater in Mobile on Tuesday, October 28th. The Belle Brigade are Barbara and Ethan Gruska, brother and sister from the Los Angeles area, and they are promoting their second album, Just Because, which has them breaking away from their first label and teaming up with ATO Records, home to a cool roster …continue reading

Ray Lamontagne, The Belle Brigade in Mobile, AL Oct. 28, 2014

The Saenger Theater has really been stepping it up since Huka Entertainment began bringing in shows, and their reach is widespread and really on spot with upcoming visit by Ray Lamontagne and special guest The Belle Brigade. It’s difficult for me to imagine anyone not liking Ray Lamontagne, even if your preferred music medicine is hard rock or rap. It’s unlikely we will ever see Mr. Lamontagne rap ,( perish the thought) but his latest work, Supernova has a way of soothing the mind, pulling you into his world, which is pretty solid and grounded, and mellow. Becoming headliners in …continue reading

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