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April 23, 2014

Death of the Smartphone Coming Soon

The evolution of the phone has been a remarkable journey, beginning with privileged access in some homes and businesses to the current portable phone with world wide web access. Today, people display an extreme connection to their smartphones. For many, the smartphone can never be more than a few feet away at any time in their daily and nightly activities. People can be seen everywhere heads bowed into their phones. You can guess they are using a messaging app or social network. Text messaging has become the new primary way to stay in touch. There’s no arguing that people have …continue reading

Hangout Music Festival a party for 35,000 lucky people

Gulfshores, Alabama

35,000 extremely lucky beach bums will once again descend on Gulf Shores, Alabama next month to party, relax and enjoy a variety of music that includes such up-comers as Great Britain’s Bastille, and Queens of the Stone Age, Los Lobos, Jack Johnson and Outkast to name just a few artists performing at the four day event that kicks off with a pre-party on Thursday May 15th and climaxes on Sunday night May 18, 2014.The festival officially opens on Friday May 16th. Everything these days has an app and I anxiously await the Hangout Festival app this year – last year …continue reading

Portland Overreacts to skateboarder peeing in water supply

A skateboarder who peed into the 38 million gallon water supply of Portland, Oregon has prompted officials there into an over-reaction of melodramatic proportions.The Portland Water Bureau plans to empty the reservoir of the 38 million gallons of water and refill it, just to be safe. I am trying to think of analogies, situations in which there is a hint of contamination and a similar reaction might occur. Maybe, someone is seen peeing in their swimsuit close to the shore of an Atlantic beach. A lifeguard spots the no-no and orders a stretch of beach 10 miles long to be …continue reading

Hawaiian Surfer Jack Johnson Headlines Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores

Jack Johnson

Who better to headline a cool music party on the beach than Hawaiian surfer Jack Johnson? Well, he’s proven to be much more than a surfer – the son of a quite famous wave-rider named Jeff Johnson (1943-2009) Jack Johnson will bring his own style of folk pop alternative style music to the Chevrolet stage on Sunday, May 18th, 2014. And what a perfect stage for this fellow. What I like about the Chevy stage is being able to sit back in one of the many chaise lounge chairs behind the standing crowd, and still have a great view and …continue reading

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