News from Mobile, Alabama

April 16, 2014

Hawaiian Surfer Jack Johnson Headlines Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores

Jack Johnson

Who better to headline a cool music party on the beach than Hawaiian surfer Jack Johnson? Well, he’s proven to be much more than a surfer – the son of a quite famous wave-rider named Jeff Johnson (1943-2009) Jack Johnson will bring his own style of folk pop alternative style music to the Chevrolet stage on Sunday, May 18th, 2014. And what a perfect stage for this fellow. What I like about the Chevy stage is being able to sit back in one of the many chaise lounge chairs behind the standing crowd, and still have a great view and …continue reading

Don’t miss Bastille at Hangout Music Festival 2014


 On the cusp of almost everyone knowing their name, the British band Bastille will sweetly and no doubt eloquently invade the sugar white sands of Gulf Shores, Alabama next month. You only have to listen to a few songs by Bastille, formed in 2010, to realize they have a voice that reflects our collective souls. Enough said here. Listen, watch and you will agree. – Preston Brady III, Mobile Tribune Bastille: “Flaws”

Weather the story of our lifetime?


Like it or not, deny it or believe it – weather is turning out to be the story of our lifetime.It is no longer so much a question of whether human activity is contributing to this story but rather to what extent. It’s very easy for skeptics of global warming to dig back through history and point to major catastrophic weather events. However, it’s becoming more difficult for them to explain the sheer number  of storm events in recent years and this year, so far, has been remarkable. Now film maker James Cameron has put his mark on the story, …continue reading

The Future of Traffic in Mobile, Alabama

Some might say the future of automotive traffic on the roads in Mobile,Alabama is already here. They have had the experience of driving in this city on a Friday during morning or afternoon rush hour, or lunch “hour” ( meaning the almost hour you spend getting to and from lunch.) If you have to ask for the check when you place an order in a restaurant, you might be driving in Mobile – or any number of cities with similar traffic issues. It almost seems like people stay inside all week and then on Fridays everyone with a car hits …continue reading