Alabama Republican Leaders Defy U.S. Supreme Court

( 2023)

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the State of Alabama to reconcile Congressional Districts to create at least two districts with a Black majority of residents. Instead, Alabama downsized one district from about 55% Black voters to 51% and decreased another from 40% to 30%. The order was to create at least two districts at 50% or as close as possible. In other words had the Republicans kept the one district at 55% instead of decreasing it, and increased another district to very close to if not 50%, this likely would be in compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

But make no mistake: this is not just about Alabama, this is about who controls the Senate and House of Representatives in the near future. Since most Blacks vote Democrat, having two districts in Alabama with at least 50% populated by Blacks, would likely give Alabama another Democrat congressional representative. Alabama congressional Democrats had no say in this recent redistricting that was signed into law by Republican governor Kay Ivy. The majority of congressional representatives in Alabama is held by Republicans. Alabama is a very red state, and even the threat of the Supreme Court is not enough for those in power to give up any of that control. The state’s new plan is still subject to federal court review in August. Alabama is said to have about a 27% Black population. I seriously doubt that number and believe it’s much higher. In Mobile the Black population is estimated by the census to be 51%. In Montgomery the Black population is 61%. In Birmingham the Black population is 68%. How is the overall state population 27%? It has been discussed how the Census often misses large portions of the Black populations. Even if the Black population is 27 or 30%, at least two of the seven districts should reflect at least 50% of the Black population. Alabama Republicans apparently disagree and decreased the only majority Black district from 55% to 51% and decreased a second district from 40% to 30%. How is this complying with federal law? It would be interesting to see almost every eligible Black voter in Alabama register to vote and vote in the 2024 Presidential election, and possibly turn the Heart of Dixie into a blue state.

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