Has the 2024 Presidential Election Already Started?

by Preston Brady III, MobileTribune.com

As the United States edges into October 2023 there’s an ominous sign about how we as a country address holidays and other important events: earlier than usual. Halloween decorations have been popping up since very early September, and candy has been in most stores nearly that long. Christmas decorations are already on the floor for weeks in some big box stores. And the 2024 Presidential Election has already started with the Republicans down two debates. As a society it’s as if we are seeking delightful distractions and resolution to our political woes. In less than 13 hours the federal government may shut down. But the answer is a big, fat loud yes: the 2024 Presidential election, despite a few uncertainties, is off to a start. We already know from experience that if the leading candidate from each party gain their nominations, it’s going to be a nasty next year campaign season and right down to the election and maybe beyond.

The current state of the race has Biden v. Trump, with both candidates up against some uncertainties. Even some of the most anti-Trump crowd are starting to back off from their earlier suppositions that Trumps indictments and possible imprisonment would stop him from becoming President again. Although these are new waters we tread and it’s anybody’s guess what would actually happen if Trump were in federal prison at the time of the election, there is a strong belief he could actually pardon himself and make his way to the White House. While that may seem laughable to some, it’s now a very laughable world we live in and we are almost jaded to some of the crazy stuff that can and does happen. Trump’s pardon feat would also depend on who controls the House and Senate because it’s pretty clear Congress would be involved.

While no one has really stepped up against Biden on the Democrat’s side, concerns about his old age bother some in the Party. What is a bit puzzling is that Donald Trump is only 3 years younger than Biden but no one mentions Trump’s age as a detriment.

Not a single candidate on the Republican side, of which there are 7 or 8, come even close to dethroning Trump’s commanding lead in the polls. While the polls do not decide elections they are what the media and thinktanks use to measure public sentiment. Even if Biden were not to run or be nominated, there is no candidate sparking enough interest to even push the issue. Sadly, a person with a hallowed name, John F. Kennedy, Jr. – a name associated with the past Democratic party – may run as an Independent and actually do damage to the Democrats. But he would not do for the Democratic side because he is afflicted with an illness that has struck at least several million Americans and for which there is currently no sure: conspiracy theorist.

After the holidays and beginning very early next year, the presidential campaign will attain a momentum unlike any previous election in history. Some people are not waiting until next year. What the last election between Biden and Trump showed was that America is truly a nation divided almost right down the middle. It’s uncanny really, and that for the most part we all live together in relative harmony is the real accomplishment. Liberals fear Trump is a dictator waiting to bloom, while conservatives fear Biden will open the flood gates to immigration, spend billions of dollars on welfare and take away their guns. We can expect some huge pushes against Trump’s nomination and ability to run in several states that are already trying to prohibit his name on their state ballot. Any major missteps by Biden before the official nomination could further dampen his popularity and we could see a coup de Biden unfold. It’s still too soon to know exactly what will transpire next year but one thing for certain: the 2024 Presidential Election race is off to a big start. Expect it to be the biggest news for several months beginning late spring 2024.

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