Opinion: The Politics Behind the Jason Aldean Song

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First, freedom of speech still reigns so the small town song should not be banned by anyone. If you don’t like the song, or offended by it then don’t listen to it, don’t watch the video. Second: Jason Aldean did not write the song he only performed it. Four other guys wrote the song. The setting of the video is unfortunate but Aldean probably was not aware of the history. I have seen the lyrics but have not heard the song nor seen the video. Trump praised the song, as did Fox News and many other conservatives so it seems clear this is a political song regardless of what anyone says. The 2024 presidential election has already started and with a punch unlike any previous election. Many people are not waiting until next year to launch their campaigns and support for their candidate. This small town country song appeals to conservative people who believe the country has suffered because of groups like Black Lives Matter, and others who are fighting against the brutality of some police – not all police – against black Americans. Florida governor Ron DeSantis praises the small town song while he pushes legislation that formulates the teaching of black history in a way he and his followers want it taught. At the same time he is going after Bud Light because DeSantis and his followers are against civil rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people. The small town people want America to go back to the fifties and sixties when white straight people ruled the country and gay people mostly kept their mouths shut. They want to go back to a time when black people started to get a little freedom, just enough to make it seem like the white rulers were just and fair, but not enough freedom to actually be in positions of power. The problem for them is the country can’t go back. America is one of the most divided countries in the world. It is almost equally divided between conservatives who like or follow Trump – most of them silently for fear of retribution – and liberal citizens who want police reform, want the freedom to teach accurate history in schools, who believe all citizens regardless of their color or beliefs should have the same rights as everyone else. Sadly, many Americans believe their only hope is in the form of a dictator such as Trump could be or become, who will clamp down on blacks and gays, who may be able to somehow stop the decline of the white population and keep them in power. The small town simple country song is a new anthem for them. The best defense for the Democrats is to stand now behind the current president and support his reelection in 2024. Democrats do not need any spoilers such as third party candidates, in-fighting or any other distractions that take them off course. It seems very clear the 2024 race will come down to Biden and Trump. A small town song is not going to change that. It’s an anthem now but in a few months very few will even think about it. Something else will come along and take its place.


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