Preparing for the 2024 Summer Olympics in France

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics than France, with the nucleus of the games centered in the most renowned city in the world: Paris. Having just returned from a week in Paris I can attest to the build-up of excitement and preparations in progress to host this once in a lifetime event. The Games will begin on Friday, July 26th and conclude on August 11, 2024. The activities will be spread across France, providing the visitor the opportunity not only to experience Paris, but to delve into the ethereal environs of Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon and more. I have recently published a brief expose on my seven days in Paris this month and hope to provide more input and dialogue as we move closer to the event. It’s possible we will attend the events and provide real-time coverage of many of the games and the beautiful country of France. It’s difficult to imagine that one could become more excited about this event, but it’s happening, and we look forward to helping others who will attend the games and provide coverage that will put non-visitors right there in the arena.

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