The Narcissism of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Opinion)

by Preston Brady III, 2023

People get it. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a very traumatic childhood. His uncle was shot and killed when he was nine years old and his father when he was fourteen. Both were of course very famous. The publicity and everything that came with it would be a lot to take for an adult, let along a child. So, it is not difficult at all to see how RFK Jr. turned out not to trust most people and to grow into a not mentally healthy man who believes such things as that Covid-19 was created by the United states and targets only White and Black people, that prescription drugs cause mass shootings, and that vaccines cause autism in children. These are but a few of the paranoidal type theories held by the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who just announced he is running for president as an Independent, casting a possible shadow over the reelection campaign of President Joe Biden, and possibly “stealing” some votes from Biden’s opponent who is expected to be Donald Trump.

The truth is, Robert F. Kennedy Jr is a disappointment to Democrats. He descends from a solid Democratic family and his betrayal at a time like this, a time when Americans are threatened by the possibility of another stronger, possibly dictatorial “leadership” from Trump, is unforgiving. Everyone knows with zero doubt that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cannot be elected president of the United States, not only as an Independent but even if he ran as a Democrat or Republican. There is no way a majority of Americans will put into office a man who needs professional help to overcome his conspiracy theory addiction, especially as it pertains to medicine. So why is he running?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is running for president because he has a super-inflated ego and at the same time has a very low opinion of himself. His low opinion of himself is what drives his ego – in other words Kennedy lives a constant battle of self-love and self-hate. His ego is placated just by the publicity of running for president, even as he knows he can’t actually win the office. He may not be psychotic or a socio-path but his narcissism is solidly apparent. Anyone who claimed to be Democratic but yet ran for the office of president independently, knowing what it could do to hurt Democrats, does not care one one bit for Democrats. In the world of RFK Jr it is he who matters the most.

Thankfully, it will be the ego of Robert f. Kennedy Jr. that will likely save the day. At some point in the race – which has only just begun – he will have to bow out, find an excuse to drop out of the race. When it becomes clear how low his support, how few support him, how embarrassing it is to have like .2% of voters supporting you then you do the right thing and cushion your ego and drop out. He will not need a major reason or excuse to drop out of the race. In fact, he only need look to his father, and use one of his famous quotes: “I am tired of chasing people.”

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