The Pall of Donald Trump Hangs Over America Even as Many are Still in Denial (Opinion)

Visit any pro-Biden discussion board and you will notice a pattern among many of his supporters. Regardless of the polls, the weight of Biden’s age even in the Democratic Party itself, and regardless of the strong showing of Donald Trump in his bid to be reelected President of the United States, the die-hard Biden fan will not relent in their belief that Biden will be reelected in 2024.

This unwavering allegiance could be taken as a positive sign for Biden, or it could be taken as an unrealistic trench hole that will collectively be the undoing of the Democratic Party and 2024 election. If ever a Party were at the crossroads of a future, the Democratic Party is definitely there.

Do they stick with Biden come hell or high water, or do they now, before the opportunity has passed, focus on another candidate and make Biden take one for the team and catapult someone who can beat Donald Trump?

One glaring problem is the Democratic Party does not currently have such a candidate. If such as person exists – and we must assume there is someone out there who can beat Trump – then their presence should be made known soon, in coming months before the momentum is lost and Trump continues to dig into what is increasingly looking like a real possibility of being reelected.

Almost gone are the Democrats who used to get mileage out of the idea that Trump’s legal woes will definitely keep him from being reelected. Nixed was the assertion that Trump would be in prison and therefore could not serve as President. Incredulously, it has been determined he could probably serve from prison and perhaps even pardon himself with the help of House and Senate Republicans who would probably sign off on such a deal.

We now live in the world where the bar for shock value has been raised to a point people shrug when someone says they want to be a dictator and want to carve the federal government down to only a mere shadow of its former self. The world has gotten so bad that countries have turned inward, seeking isolation from the rest of the world because it’s other people who make things bad. This is a world in which dictators thrive, a world in which citizens no longer trust government and want large chunks of it dismantled.

Imagine if Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, decided to run for president under the Democratic ticket. He’s not a politician and many Democrats do not want this to be a popularity contest. But the real question remains: could The Rock beat Biden in a bid for the Democratic nomination? Some people do not want to know the answer to that question.

Meanwhile, Trump marches on. Of course, most Democrats will likely vote for Biden in a contest that pits him again against Trump. But can Biden win? The hardline Democrats want you to stay the course no matter what, to not introduce any negativity that could take votes away from Biden.

We hope they are right because if they are not, we are looking at four more years of Donald Trump, and if he gets his way perhaps another four or more on top of it.

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