Witch Hunting and Booking Banning are the Same Mental Illness: God OCD

God OCD is the name of a metal illness that has spread across America prolifically in recent decades, afflicting many famous politicians and celebrities.

There is no known cure. The disease, currently associated with book banning occurring in various states across the nation, was first recognized in witch hunts that began in the 15th century. Those afflicted not only have a strong belief in God – in and of itself not a disease – but have the extra layer of believing they have been chosen by God to castigate any who do not adhere to their strictest interpretation of certain versions of the Bible.

For most of the highly religious in American, they carry on with their daily lives and while they do not believe in what they call loose interpretations of the Bible, and the inclusion of certain minorities within the kingdom of heaven, they don’t try to interfere with it and basically keep to themselves and perhaps privately lament what they don’t like.

People afflicted with God OCD view themselves as leaders (a result of the illness) and are very vocal in their communities since they see themselves as prophets of Jesus or God, or both.

The state of Florida and large portions of Alabama have been especially hard hit with the illness and it’s heartbreaking because there is no known cure for the disease. There may be a certain portion of the brain where the disease stores itself, and it’s not clear if there are surgical technologies under which the diseased part of the brain could be shocked or stunned or even removed.

Many place hope on science to find a cure, but meanwhile book bans continue across the country. The thoughts and prayers of many across America are with the afflicted, and hope that in time medical science will find a cure for a disease that is closely related to the 15th century affliction of witch hunting.

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